My second month of blogging has ended. It was a good month where I started to see a sprinkle of cash here and there. It definitely encouraged me to move forward. I launched my blog in mid-September 2018. Before I started my blog, I didn’t have any experience with blogging and my social media skill was very limited, still is. Starting a blog is a hard work but definitely worth it. One of the catalyst for me starting a blog is from reading others’ monthly blogging reports.  I have been reading monthly blogging reports and wondering if I can achieve that as well. I told myself to give it a try and here I am, a month into the blogging world. Although I haven’t reached anything marvelous on my first few months of blogging, I feel proud of myself that I started a blog. It provides me a channel for my creative outlet.  I feel that my personal growth develop faster these past months. If you are considering to start a blog, you can read my others posts about the benefits of blogging and how to start a blog in 2018. I also tracked my progress and lessons learned on the first three weeks of blogging here: first weeksecond week, and third week.


The purpose of this monthly blogging income report is to track my progress and to show and encourage other newbies what the first couple of months of blogging looks and feels like. Everyone needs to start small, and that’s the case with blogging as well. It’s okay if your traffic is not as high as you expected. By being aware where you are right now as checkpoints, you know what your weakness and learn how to improve it. No matter how small is your progress, I know something for sure that we as bloggers learned a lot.


I divided my progress of the month into 6 categories as follow:

  1. Number of followers
  2. Traffic
  3. Number of posts in the month
  4. Blog Income
  5. Blog Expense
  6. Blog Net Profit


*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I could receive a small commission if you purchase the product through this link. Please refer to my disclosure page for more info.




Here is my progress in getting followers and subscribers:

  1. Pinterest Followers     : 100 ->170
  2. Instagram Followers   : 10 -> 15
  3. Facebook Followers    : no change
  4. Twitter Followers         : no change
  5. E-mail subscribers       : no change



Traffic wise this second of month blogging been good. This month I reached 717 pageviews, increasing about 530 pageviews from last month.

Oh boy! My Pinterest viewers exploded since last month. Now, I have more than 11K monthly viewers, as of now. Talking from 53 monthly viewers last month. And all I did is manually pinning. I haven’t used the automated one, but so far my Pinterest growing exponentially. This is my Pinterest statistic of the first 30 days of launching the blog. I started a new Pinterest account for the sake of my new blog.  So, literally, I started from 0 to 11K within 2 months of blogging is an achievement.

However, for the last 30 days, my average monthly viewers are 6865. And all I have been doing is manually pinning. I didn’t do any automated one. Although, so tempting to use Tailwind but I just haven’t had a chance to learn it yet. 



Total posts that I wrote in the second month of blogging = 10 posts.

Here are the posts that I published in the second month of blogging:

  1. 10 Email Hacks You Need to Try Now
  2. Gift Guide For a First-Time Mom
  3. My November 2018 Goals
  4. 20+ Things I Wish To Tell 20-Year-Old Younger Self
  5. 2018 Holiday Gift Guide For The Ultimate Lady Boss
  6. Best Christmas Gifts For Mother-In-Law That She’ll Love It
  7. 10 Things You Should Do In The Morning To Increase Your Productivity Of The Day
  8. My First Month Blogging – September 2018 Blog Income Report
  9. 7 Benefits of Blogging that You Wish You Started Sooner
  10. Gift Guide For Stationery Lover Under $30

I need to increase the number of posts each month. My goal is to have total 50 posts by the end of this year.



OCTOBER 2018 Blog Income: $0

Let’s get to it. I saw my first blogging income through ads and affiliates here and there. But, since none of them reach the threshold I wouldn’t mention here. My plan is only mentioned when the check starts coming in because until then it will not be fixed.

If you are curious which ads and affiliate that I earned some cash, here are lists:



OCTOBER 2018 Blog Expense: ($-)



I don’ t have any expense this month, but it will change soon. Since I made some cash I would like to put the money toward the business. I want to treat this blog as a business but still, have my personal connection.

Since I paid full the web hosting for 36 months through BlueHost (I got an amazing deal) Signup here through my link and you will get 60% off and a free domain. It’s very affordable and easy to set up. If you want to read how I started a blog you can read the post here.  I wrote step by step to set up my blog and to set up the business administration to take care of all the business jazz.



OCTOBER 2018 Blog Net Profit: ($- )

This month I saw some cash through my ads and affiliate. None of them reached threshold yet, but I’m very optimistic it will bring will get some cash flow at the end of this year. I’m not worried about it too much now to earn some money. My goal is to build a good foundation for my blog for a long haul and hopefully, it will become a passive income in the future.


  • Best Christmas Gifts For Mother-In-Law That She’ll Love It
  • How To Organize Paperwork Using Binders
  • 10 Things You Should Do In The Morning To Increase Your Productivity Of The Day
  • Gift Guide For Stationery Lover Under $30
  • 20+ Things I Wish To Tell 20-Year-Old Younger Self



The second month of blogging, it’s getting hard to be consistent writing and publishing posts. As I want to expand the reach to others by sharing on Pinterest and learning along the way. Definitely change the way I see bloggers in a different light. It’s not only about writing posts, but learning about the business that I never knew. It definitely open many doors. As I see blog now as a platform or media to do something bigger than that.



  1. Total post = 23 out of 50. This month I need to catch up to reach my goals at the end of this year.



Now, I want to focus on writing on the blog and the blog itself. Producing great content for the reader rather focusing on marketing. So, here are my goals for the next 30 days:

  1. Total post = 30; Action Plan: write a post every day.
  2. Page view = 1000; Action Plans:
    1. Optimize SEO
    2. Share to Pinterest every time publishing a post
    3. Proofread all old post and re-organize the structure
    4. Ask for each post= will this article benefit other people. If not, add more information to benefit people
  3. Organize website layout to be more user-friendly
  4. Extra income = $100; Action Plan: Place more ads throughout the page.







October 2018 is definitely a good month. I started to see a sprinkle of income here and there. Although I made some commissions, none of them reached the threshold so I would not list yet. The key is to be consistent writing and publishing post. It will be definitely harder as Holidays start kicking in the next month.



I hope my second month of blogging report will encourage you. Share me a comment, how did you do in your second month of blogging. Would love to hear from you! See you next month!


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