Hello! I’m CC, the creator of Le Blanc Orchid. I like to be organized in my life, my space, my office and everywhere I go.

A little background of me. I’m working full time in a corporate world as an engineer, but I don’t use my creative juice for design during the day. That’s when I start thinking to start a blog.

I was inspired too with so many successful bloggers out there. I’m hoping as much as I like blogging, I would like to earn an extra income to take my elderly parents to Lourdes, France. I took them in 2013. My dad has some kind of disorder since he was young. I do remember as part of my childhood seeing his episodes. So, I took them to Lourdes with hoping his disorder will be gone. He had several episodes during the pilgrimage trip, but his episodes get lessen and lessen. And, now I can tell you guys how amazing God is that he doesn’t have any episodes within 2 years. I believe in the miracle over there. But now, my mom has a chronic disease and she is in Stage 4. I need another miracle for her. Hopefully, I can earn some extra income and take them to Lourdes again.

I also have an amazing and supportive husband, and a one-year-old son that ready to explore the world, which means creating a messy house. So, join me on the journey to keep our home organized. Hope this blog will help you start to organize or better motivate you all.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and supporting me!